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China Nickel Imports/Exports February 2012
= Imports of unwrought dropped otherwise rose, while exports jumped to nine-month high =
According to China's customs statistics, imports and exports of nickel bearing materials including ores in February 2012 as well as during the first two months of 2012 were as per the attached table hereto.

Most of all the imported items, except unwrought nickel and oxide/sintered, increased compared to January, indicating that nickel consumption was up as production of stainless steel products recovered after the Holiday. Exports marked a 9-month high since May last year.

More details are as follows (the quantities are of material weight):

(1) Imports of unwrought nickel: 12,107 tons, down by 4.9% from February. Recovery from the preceding month was expected but the downtrend continued through to February to reach the lowest since November 2010. Decrease of imports from Russia was significant.

(2) Imports of nickel matte/oxide and others (HS Code 7501): 10,072 tons, up by 4.0% from January thanks to the increase of nickel matte, recovering from the drop in January. The details in the table show:

2-1) Oxide (including sintered nickel): 6,995 tons, marginally down by 1.4% from January, keeping a comparatively high level. Despite the increases in the imports from Cuba (2,711 tons, up by 15.5% from January) and Indonesia (1,520 tons, up 2.6 times), the sharp drop in arrivals from Australia (1,646 tons, down by 42.6%) was the main cause of the month's decrease.

2-2) Matte: 3,077 tons, up by 18.9% from January thanks to the increased imports from Australia (up by 22.3% from January). The imports of nickel matte in February were all from Australia.

(3) Imports of ferronickel: 25,253 tons, up by 9.4% from January, keeping a comparatively high level since November 2011. Breakdown by originating country is, <> Colombia: 7,977 tons (up by 34.3% from January), <> Japan: 5,582 tons (up 5.36 times), <> Dominican Republic: 3628 tons (up by 15.3%), <> Brazil: 3,415 tons (down by 13.4%), <> Macedonia: 2,925 tons (up by 25.1%), and <> New Caledonia: 816 tons (down by 80 9%). The significantly big increase of arrivals from Japan as well as the firm increase from Colombia was the reason for the month's increase.

(4) Imports of nickel ore: 3,371,880 tons, up by 21.7%. Breakdown by originating country is, <> Indonesia: 2,642,000 tons (up by 23.3% from January), <> Philippines: 654,000 tons (up by 9.8%), <> Australia: 23,000 tons (up by 19.1%), <> New Caledonia: 50,000 tons (no imports in January). All increased. Averaged unit price of the imported ore was US$94.65/ton, down by 7.7% from January. The increase in quantity of lower nickel content, the Indonesian and the Philippine was significant. The New Caledonian ore imported in February was also low in nickel content and priced at US$110.75/ton

(5) Exports of unwrought nickel: 4,799 tons, jumped by 8.8 times from January. Shipments to Korea and Singapore increased.

(6) Exports of ferronickel: 993 tons, all of which are for Korea. There was no export in January.

Points to note about these trade data are that the imports of nickel ore from New Caledonia revived while ferronickel was reduced, and the exports to Korea of unwrought nickel and ferronickel both increased.
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