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Japan Crude SUS Production Almost Unchanged; February 2012
= Maintaining the level of total production of the preceding month =
Crude stainless steel production in February 2012 by the 7 major Japanese stainless steel mills was 281,560 tons, only marginally down from January. Although there were some ups and downs by mill among the seven, total monthly production of February was unchanged from January.

The outlook of demand for stainless steel during the second calendar quarter (April - June) of 2012 is forecasted healthy both in the domestic market and for the exports, except a possibility of short slump in demand from automobile industry before the model changes scheduled during the quarter.

Exports of SUS products increased by 37.6% from January, sustaining the firm February output, although yen was kept strong against U.S. Dollars at almost the same level as it was in January until mid-February.
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