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China Ferroalloy Exports Up 7%; April 2012
= Exports in a steady recovery to 57,164 tons, imports sharply dropped to 138,052 tons =
According to China's Customs Statistics, exports and imports of ferroalloys in April 2012 as well as during the first four months of 2012 were as per the tables attached hereto.

Exports in April were 57,164 tons, slightly up from March, but still lower than the last year's monthly average level of 77,907 tons, while imports were sharply down to 138,052 tons, comparable to 136,717 tons as recorded in October of 2011. The slump in imports is mostly because of the prolonged stagnant economy forcing ferroalloy industries to cut output and to substantially refrain from imports.

< Exports > Table #1
Exports in April were 57,164 tons, up by 7.0% from March in a steady recovery from the drop in January of 2012.

Details of exports by item are, <> high-carbon ferromanganese (C>2%): 290 tons (up by 52.0% from March), <> medium/low-carbon ferromanganese (C=<2%): 1,402 tons (up by 64.1%), <> ferrosilicon (Si>55%): 36,231 tons (up by 8.3%), <> silico-manganese: 447 tons (down by 15.5%), <> high-carbon ferrochrome (C>4%): 4,121 tons (up by 31.4%), <> low-carbon ferrochrome (C=<4%): 185 tons (down by 33.2%), and <> ferromolybdenum: 21 tons (down by 41.7%). Ferrosilicon and high-carbon ferrochrome contributed to the month's recovery.

< Imports > Table #2
Imports in April were 138,052 tons, down by 31.7% to an even lower level than in January and Ferbruary. Decreases in the imports of ferrosilicon and silico-manganese besides low-carbon ferromanganese and high-carbon ferrochrome were the reasons of the sharp drop. Especially the drop in high-carbon ferrochrome was notably large, by about 53,000 tons compared to March. Imports from all the major sources, South Africa, Kazakhstan, India and Russia declined. If the drop in the imports in April was all replaced by domestically-made high-carbon ferrochrome in stock for the month's consumption, there is a possibility that excess materials in the market were trimmed to a certain extent accordingly.
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