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Japan Nickel Metal Consumption; Q1-2012
= 10,430 tons, down 10.8% from the same quarter of 2011 =
According to the data released by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, consumption of nickel metal during the Q1 (January - March) of 2012 was as per the table attached hereto.

The three-month consumption was 10,430 tons, down by 10.8% from 11,686 tons in the same quarter of 2011.

The biggest nickel metal consuming sector, the special steel industry consumed 8,366 tons during the three months, down by 13.1% from 9,629 tons during the same period of 2011. This is because production of stainless steel that consumes 60 - 65% of nickel consumption in Japan was largely cut in November and December 2011 and its aftereffect lingered through to the Q1 of 2012.

Stainless steel production during the quarter was 706,504 tons, down by 8.4% from 771,323 tons during the same quarter of 2011, causing the drop in nickel consumption.
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