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China Nickel Imports/Exports - May 2012
= Record-high monthly imports of ores and oxides =
According to China's Customs Statistics, imports and exports of nickel-bearing materials including ores during May 2012 were as per the attached table hereto (all the figures in the table are the weight of material).

Imports of ores and oxides (including sintered) sharply increased to a record-high monthly figure. Exports of unwrought nickel fell to almost a half of April's.

(1)Imports of unwrought nickel: 12,313 tons, largely up 36.7% from April to recover the level as recorded in January/February 2012, although domestic consumption did not rise. The increase may be just a rebound from the sharp drop in April. Imports from Australia declined but those from Russia, Canada and Norway contributed to the increase of May.

(2)Imports of nickel matte/oxide and others (under the HS Code 7501): 15,112 tons, up 69.7% from April due to the sharp increase of nickel oxides (including sintered) partly as a rebound from the drop in the preceding month.

The details in the table show:

2-1) Oxide (including sintered nickel): 12,649 tons, up 2.3 times from April, largely exceeding the recent high figure (9,154.2 tons) of March to reach a record-high as said above. Sharp increases in the imports from Australia (8,441 tons, up 2.4 times from April), Indonesia (1,460 tons, up 52.2%), and from New Caledonia (1,424 tons, no record in April) supported the record making. Imports from Canada (no record in March and April) and Cuba (312 tons almost unchanged from April) were quite low.

2-2) Matte: 2,463 tons, down 25.7% from April, all of which were from Australia.

(3)Imports of ferronickel: 16,494 tons, up 9.3% from the preceding month. Details by originating country were, <> Colombia: 5,292 tons (down 15.9% from April), <> Japan: 3,983 tons (up 5.4%), <> Macedonia: 2,770 tons (up 2.4 times), <> Brazil: 2,279 tons (up 4.0 times), <> New Caledonia: 1,669 tons (down 39.4%), <> Dominican Republic: no imports in May.

(4)Imports of nickel ore: 6,548,652 tons, up 36.6% from April, the highest monthly imports in history as said above. Details by originating country are, <> Indonesia: 4,047,000 tons (up 21.3% from April), <> Philippines: 2,418,000 tons (up 71.4%), <> New Caledonia: 50,000 tons (no import in April), and <> Australia: 26,000 tons (down 33.6%). The increase of Indonesian ores was due to the advanced shipments and spot shipments before the export tax system is triggered. As Indonesia is currently scheduled to totally ban exports of minerals in 2014, probably Philippine nickel ore will be gradually substituted for the Indonesian ore. The increase of Philippine ores was from a kind of preparatory move for the future.

The averaged unit price was US$88.24/ton, down 11.3% from April.

(5)Export of unwrought nickel: 1,299 tons, down 47.4% from April, due to the drop in the exports to Korea again, with others also quiet.

(6)Export of ferronickel: 448 tons to Korea only, up 38.1% from May.
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