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Australian Santos Produces 2.2 PJ Of Gas In Darwin
=Down 44% from the same period of the preceding year due to shutdown for turnaround
According to the activities report for the second quarter ended June 30th 2012, which was announced by Australia's Santos Ltd. on July 19th, its gas production decreased by 43.6% from the same period of the previous year to 2.2 Petajoule, or about 40,000 MT, according to its 11.4% stake in Australian Darwin LNG Project, in which the company has participated.

At Darwin LNG Project, LNG production has been suspended since early May in accordance with the plan to close the facilities for 35 days for periodic maintenance.

Meanwhile, it resumed shipments of LNG in late June. Santos explained that operations of its liquefaction plants are going smoothly.

Also, Santos said that Papua New Guinea (PNG) LNG Project and GLNG Project are underway as per its schedule which are partially owned by Santos. Both projects are expected to start production without change of schedule. PNG LNG and GLNG will commence its production at the beginning of 2014 and in 2015 respectively.

At PNG LNG, welding operations of onshore pipelines and offshore pipeline installation have been going on. Main facilities have been brought in the LNG plants. At two LNG tanks, which are under construction, roof raising works have been completed.

At GLNG, bulk earthworks have continuously been conducted at the construction site of the LNG plants. In addition, construction works for the LNG tanks began during the period.
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