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China Cr Ore Imports Drop - June 2012
= Down 14% from May to 710,168 tons; less from South Africa and Australia =
According to China's customs statistics, details of the imports of chrome ore in June 2012 as well as during the first half of 2012 were as per the table attached hereto.

Imports of the ore in June were 710,168 tons (weight of the ore), down 13.8% from 824,157 tons in May. According to a local media report, quayside stocks in China climbed to over 3 million tons at mid-month of June, then slid to 2.80 million tons at the month-end without big changes so far in July.

Breakdown of the imports by originating country is, in thousand tons with comparison to May 2012 in the parentheses after each figure, <> South Africa: 255 (down 44.0%), <> Turkey: 131 (up 20.4%), <> Oman: 67 (up 2.9 times), <> Pakistan: 54 (down 9.9%), <> Iran: 40 (down 23.5%), <> Albania: 38 (up 2.1 times), <> Australia: 38 (down 39.6%), and <> India: 30 (up 2.1 times). South Africa and Australia dropped significantly, while it is notable that imports from Oman, Albania increased and those from Turkey and India recovered.

Averaged unit price of the ore imported during June was US$225.02/ton, up 1.8% from May 2012 due to the increase of higher-priced ores from Turkey and India and the decrease of lower-priced ores from South Africa.
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