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Japan Hot-Rolled SUS Production Continues Down - September 2012
= 236,996 tons down 0.9% from July; Cr-alloyed group up, and Ni-alloyed group down =
According to the data released by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on November 13, details of output of hot-rolled stainless steel during September 2012 were as per the table attached hereto.

The table shows total production in September was 236,996 tons, down 0.9% or minus 2,166 tons from August. Compared to the same month of 2011, the output was down 5.9%. On quarterly basis, production during the third quarter (July - September) of 2012 was 716,864 tons down 1.7% from 729,481 tons in the preceding quarter.

Breakdown of production by alloy category was as follows, <> Cr-alloyed group stainless steel: 124,719 tons (Cr-alloyed: 107,179 tons and Cr/Mo-alloyed: 17,540 tons), up 2.3% from the preceding month, <> Ni-alloyed group stainless steel: 112,277 tons (Cr/Mn-alloyed: 3,062 tons, Ni/Cr-alloyed: 86,166 tons, Ni/Cr/Mo-alloyed: 23,049 tons), down 4.2% from August, and <> Other special steel: 6,828 tons, down 9.7% from August.

Although Ni/Cr-alloyed recovered substantially from the drop in August, production of Ni-alloyed group was down from August, again falling below the production of Cr-alloyed group whose monthly output exceeded the output of Ni-alloyed three months in a row. Production of Cr-alloyed (107,179 tons) in September was the highest since January 2011.

End-September inventory of all these stainless steel alloys at the mills was 129,559 tons, down 1.0% from end-August, and the inventory of other special steel was 3,993 tons, down 19.6% from the preceding month-end. The decrease in stocks of Ni/Cr/Mo-alloyed stainless steel is probably a correction of he sharp rise in inventory in the preceding month, while the inventory of Ni/Cr-alloyed was substantially up probably correcting the sharp drop in the preceding month.
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