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Japan Hot-Rolled SUS Production Recedes - November 2012
= 214,081 tons down 10.8% from October; both Cr-alloyed group and Ni-alloyed group down =
According to the data released by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on January 18, details of the output of hot-rolled stainless steel during November 2012 were as per the table attached hereto.

The table shows total production in November was 214,081 tons, down 10.8% from October. Compared to the same month of 2011, the output was up 1.7%. The stably high monthly output around 240,000 ton-per-month level maintained since February 2012 ended in November to record the lowest monthly figure during 2012 so far. Output during the first eleven months of 2012 was 2,603,800 tons, down 4.8% from the same period of 2011, meaning it is almost unlikely that twelve-month output of 2012 will exceed that of 2011.

Breakdown of production by alloy category was as follows, <> Cr-alloyed group stainless steel: 100,872 tons (Cr-alloyed: 89,394 tons and Cr/Mo-alloyed: 11,478 tons), down 14.2% from the preceding month, <> Ni-alloyed group stainless steel: 113,209 tons (Cr/Mn-alloyed: 3,920 tons, Ni/Cr-alloyed: 87,112 tons, Ni/Cr/Mo-alloyed: 22,177 tons), down 7.5% from October, <> Other special steel: 6,639 tons (down 17.0% from September). Output of both Cr-alloyed group and Ni-alloyed group dropped. Only Ni/Cr/Mo-alloyed, a sub-category in the Ni-alloyed group, increased its output from the preceding month.

End-November inventory of all these stainless steel alloys at the mills totalled 132,197 tons, down 6.0% from end-October, and the inventory of other special steel was 3,765 tons, down 4.2% from the preceding month-end. Although the output of both categories dropped in November, the stocks of Ni-alloyed group increased by 3.9% from October, while the stocks of Cr-alloyed group decreased by 18.9%.
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