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China Cobalt Imports/Exports - 2012
= Ore/concentrate imports largely down, otherwise up year-on-year =
According to China's Customs Statistics, imports and exports of cobalt (unwrought, matte, powder and other intermediate products) and imports of cobalt ores and concentrates during the year of 2012 as well as in the single month of December 2012 were as per the table attached hereto.

(1)Exports of cobalt: 3,789 tons in 2012, up 4.0% from 2011, almost recovering from 2011's big drop from 2010. The increases of the exports to Belgium and U.S. contributed, more than offsetting the decreases to Netherlands and U.K. The share of the exports to U.S. in 2012 was 57.0%, recovering from below 50% in 2011.

The imports in December were 262 tons up 25.4% but still a bit away from the 300 ton-per-month level.

(2)Imports of cobalt: 83,250 tons in 2012, up 22.4% from 2011, of which 72,202 tons were "intermediate products". In 2012, the increases in the imports of intermediate products (up 2.2% year-on-year) were large enough to increase the total annual imports of cobalt products even after offsetting the decreases in the imports of "unwrought, matte, and powder" (down 4.6% from 2011). Breakdown of the imports in 2012 of the intermediate products by originating country is, <> Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC): 70,354 tons, <> U.S.A.: 835 tons, <> Korea: 590 tons, <> Belgium: 206 tons, <> Japan: 186 tons, and <> others: 531 tons. No shipments arrived from Republic of the Congo in 2012, two years in a row. No arrivals either from South Africa and Singapore in 2012.

Imports in December were 4,704 tons, down 34.8% from 2011, largely dropping from the increase in the preceding month. Breakdown of the imports in December of intermediate products is, DRC: 4,106 tons, <> Belgium: 20 tons and <> Australia 7 tons.

(3)Imports of cobalt ore and concentrates: 176,610 tons in 2012, down 49.4% from 2011, showing a good contrast to the high annual records of over 350,000 tons in 2010 and 2011. Annual import record of below 200,000 tons was the first time since 2007 when the imports were 118,000 tons. The imports from DRC and Cuba both dropped to nearly a half of the annual import volume of past several years.

Imports in December were 10,110 tons, down 42.6% from November, mainly because of the big drop in the imports from DRC (down 44.7% from November) dipping into low level again after the temporary recovery in November.

For reference, LME cobalt settlement price monthly average in November was US$23,513.64/ton (US$10.7/lb), up 13.2% from October's. December average was US$24,036.84/ton (US$10.90/lb), up 2.2% from November's.
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