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ETI KROM's Production Records & Outlook On Chrome Market
= Plan to produce in 2013 FeCr 170K tons, Cr Ore 825K tons, forecasting price rises during the first half of 2013 =
Mr. Robert Yuksel Yildirim, President of Yildirim Holdings Inc., and Mr. Cengiz Onal, FeCr International Marketing Director of Eti Krom Inc., gave an interview to our pressman (Mr. Saito) on the 23rd of January at the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo. In answering questions from our pressman, Mr. Yildirim and Mr. Onal commented on ETI KROM's production/export results and an outlook for 2013 including its plan for CAPEX, which are summarized herebelow, in which Mr. Yildirim said that production of ferrochrome will increase in 2013 and that the prices of both ferrochrome and chrome ore will steadily rise.
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