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Japan SUS Product 2012 Exports Down 6.4% Y-O-Y
= Exports to China substantially down =
Japan Iron and Steel Federation compiled the Trade Statistics released from the Ministry of Finance into the table as attached hereto with regard to Japan's exports of stainless steel products during the year of 2012 as well as in December 2012.

Total exports in 2012 were 1,176,513 tons, down 6.4% from 1,246,069 tons in 2011, resulting from negative factors for exports such as the slowdown of world economy as well as the stronger yen that continued for quite some time.

Comparison with 2011 by destination shows, <> China: down 22.5%, <> Korea: down 5.2%, <> Taiwan: up 6.5%, <> U.S.A.: down 4.1%, and <> Thailand: up 7.8%. Exports to China and Korea both dropped, resulting in the year-on-year drop in total exports, despite the increases to Thailand and Taiwan.

Total value of the exports in 2012 was US$4,956.609 million. The averaged unit price on all the exports was US$4,213/ton, down 2.9% from the preceding month.

Meantime, the exports of SUS products in December 2012 were 89,259 tons, down 6.4% from November, and down 0.1% from the same month of 2011.

Total exports of special steel products including SUS products in 2012 were 7,852,004 tons, up 1.8% year-on-year, meaning the exports of special steel products "excluding" SUS products was up in 2012, i.e. 6,675,490 tons, up 3.3% from 2011, while the exports in December 2012 of steel products including SUS products were 627,205 tons, up 6.9% from November, due to the increase in the exports of special steel products "excluding" SUS products, i.e. 537,947 tons, up 9.5% from November.
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