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ENRC Ore/Ferroalloy 2012 Production Results
= 3,730,000 tons of Cr ore, up 4.6% from 2011, while 954,000 tons of Mn ore, down 5.5% from 2011=
Results of production by ENRC (Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation PLC) during the year of 2012 as well as in the Q4 (October - December) of 2012 were released last week. Details by group within the ferroalloy division, i.e. Ore Mining/Processing Group (chrome ore and manganese ore) and Ferroalloy Production Group (ferrochrome, ferrosilicochrome, silicomanganese and ferrosilicon) are as per the table attached hereto.

1)Ore Mining/Processing Group
(i)Production of saleable chrome ore during 2012 was 3,730,000 tons (including 3,026,000 tons for captive use at its own ferrochrome plants), up 4.6% from 2011, thanks to the increased ore processing volume and higher ore grades.

As to the Q4 of 2012, the ore production was 995,000 tons (including 789,000 tons for captive use), down 1.1% from the preceding quarter due to the lower ore grades.

(ii)Production of saleable manganese concentrates in 2012 was 954,000 tons (including 378,000 tons for captive use at its own manganese group ferroalloy plants), down 5.5% from 2011, as the ore grade lowered despite the increased mining/processing volume.

The production during the Q4 of 2012 was 195,000 tons (including 95,000 tons for captive use), down 37.7% from the preceding quarter reflecting seasonal demand changes. The percentage of the concentrates consumed for captive use was 48.7% in the Q4 2012, higher than 39.1% in the Q4 2011 and much higher than 26.2% in the Q3 2012. The production at Zairem GOK in the Q4 was 128,000 tons of concentrates (Mn: 35.2%), down 22.0% from the preceding quarter. The concentrates from Zairem are mainly for exports. The production at Kazmarganets was 67,000 tons (Mn: 39.3%), down 55.0% from the preceding quarter. Kazmarganets plant produce concentrates that are supplied to Aksu Ferroalloy plant producing silicomanganese.

2)Ferroalloy Production Group (including production at Serov)
Total production of ferroalloys in 2012 was 1,754,000 tons (including 56,000 tons produced at Serov) of which 229,000 tons were for captive use, up 1.6% compared 2011, leaving saleable production of 1,525,000 tons, up 1.7% from 2011.

The production during the Q4 was 448,000 tons, up 1.8% from the preceding quarter (including 56,000 tons for captive use). Saleable alloys were 392,000 tons, up 2.9% from the preceding quarter. The production of medium-carbon ferrochrome was down reflecting the demand change in the market.

3)Cobalt production in 2012 was, <> run-of-mine ore: 1,289,000 tons (ore grade of 1.40%), up 21.8% from 2011, <> saleable cobalt contained: 9,623 tons, down 15.8% from 2011. Cobalt production in the Q4 of 2012 was, <> run-of-mine ore: 283,000 tons (ore grade of 1.54%), down 13.5% from Q3 of 2012, <> saleable cobalt contained: 2,042 tons, down 8.4% from Q3 of 2012.
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