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U.S. Nickel Scrap 2012 Exports Down Year-On-Year
= Down 20.8% from 2011 =
According to the statistics released by the U.S. Department of Commerce, exports from the U.S.A. of nickel scraps during 2012 as well as in the single month of December were as per the table attached hereto.

The exported quantity during the month was 27,105 tons, down 20.8% from 34,240 tons as recorded in 2011. The recovering trend from the large drop in 2009 ended. The peak month during the year was May (2,999 tons), after which the exports started declining towards the year-end.

Total value of the exports was US$125.1 million, down 8.7% from 2011, with an averaged unit price of US$4,616.02/ton, up 15.4%% from 2011.

Changes by destination compared to 2011 are, <> Canada: up 2.7%, <> U.K.: down 16.4%, <> Japan: down 34.6%, <> Germany: down 79.4%, <> Sweden: up 50.2%, <> Netherlands: down 72.0%, and <> Australia: down 83.1%. The exports to Japan dropped two years in a row.

Exports in December were 1,983 tons, down 8.3% from November. Unit price was US$5,402.71/ton, up 21.9% from the preceding month.

LME averaged nickel price of January 2013 was US$17,464.77/ton, down 0.3% from December 2012. The price sharply rose during the last week of January to US$18,375/ton, keeping the level through to February. Inquiries for scraps are reportedly increasing.
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