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Prices Of CR Ferritic Stainless Sheets To $1,550 CFR, Up $50
The overseas market prices of cold-rolled (CR) ferritic stainless steel sheets are rising. They rose by $50 to the level of $1,550 CFR on type 430 basis of general use from late January to the middle of February.

Prices of CR ferritic stainless sheets had remained lower for a long time but they begin to show a sign of price rise. In that backdrop, there are price rises of ordinary steel products. For example, prices of hot-rolled steel coils are rising by $100 or so from the bottom ones. Even ferritic ones are stainless but prices of them move in tandem with those of ordinary steel products rather than those of austenitic stainless sheets.

As prices of ordinary steel products are rising, customers of CR ferritic stainless sheets are recognizing price rise of ferritic ones. It is because the Taiwanese mills raised its domestic prices of ferritic ones by NT$1,000 ($32) for February shipment, and Taiyuan Iron & Steel of China also did by 500 CNY ($79) for February shipment. However, customers have not reached yet to accept full amount of price increase by the mills.

The Asian mills have announced price increase by $80 to 100 but utmost acceptance is $50 or so. Offer prices of the Japanese mills are $1,700 to 1,800 CFR but there seem to be few for customers to accept $1,800 CFR even considering quality assurance and being accustomed of the Japanese products.

In late February, the Korean and Taiwanese mills and so on will announce their prices of stainless sheets including austenitic ones for March shipment. Attention is focused on a markup of ferritic ones this time.
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