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Japan's 2012 Hot-Rolled SUS Production Down Year-On-Year
= 2,819,000 tons down 3.8% from 2011; both Cr-alloyed group and Ni-alloyed group down =
According to the data released by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on February 15, details of the output of hot-rolled stainless steel during the calendar year of 2012 as well as in the single month of December 2012 are as per the table attached hereto.

The table shows total production in 2012 was 2,819,105 tons, down 3.8% from 2011. It is notable that the production in January, November and December last year were all below 220,000 tpm level, substantially lower than in the other months (February through October) of 2012, although the production in the other months were not so high compared to the corresponding months of 2011.

Breakdown of 2012 production by alloy category was as follows, <> Cr-alloyed group stainless steel: 1,342,453 tons (Cr-alloyed: 1,146,654 tons and Cr/Mo-alloyed: 195,799 tons), down 0.7% from 2011, <> Ni-alloyed group stainless steel: 1,476,652 tons (Cr/Mn-alloyed: 52,115 tons, Ni/Cr-alloyed: 1,109,653 tons, Ni/Cr/Mo-alloyed: 314,884 tons), down 6.5% from 2011, <> Other special steel: 79,735 tons, down 4.5% from 2011. On a sub-category basis, the output of Ni/Cr/Mo-alloyed group only made an increase compared to last year.

The total production during December was 215,305 tons, up 0.6% from November. The increase in the output of Cr-Alloyed group offset the decrease of Ni-Alloyed group.

End-December (and year-end) of 2012 inventory of all these stainless steel alloys at the mills totaled 130,709 tons, down 1.1% from end-November, and up 6.5% from end-2011. The end-December inventory of other special steel was 4,353 tons, down 15.6% from November, and up 24.1% from end-2011.
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