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Japan Crude Stainless Steel Production Up - January 2013
= 312,856 tons, up 15.5% from December; up 65.6% at NSSC Yawata =
Crude stainless steel production in January 2013 by the 7 major Japanese stainless steel mills was 312,856 tons, up 15.5% from 270,852 tons recorded in December 2012 in a steadily recovering trend from the big drop in November, to exceed 310,000 tons per month level since August last year. Details are as per the table attached hereto.

The production at NSSC's Yawata largely increased compared to the preceding month by 65.6% to 109,249 tons, substantially contributing to the month's increase. The output at Yawata in January 2013 is the highest in the past months at least since 2011.
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