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China's Steel Export in February
= Export of alloyed plates dropped for 3 consecutive months
The Japan Iron & Steel Federation compiled and summarized recently China's export quantity of steel products by item in February. It was based on the data released by the General Administration of China Customs. China's export quantity of ordinary steel products in February was 4,095 thousand tons (hereinafter abbreviated as t/t), down 13.3% from the previous month, and up 24.5% from the same month last year.

By item of export quantity in February with % compared to the previous month, as for steel long products, steel shapes and sections were 291 t/t, down 4.6%, steel bars 665 t/t, down 19.4%, and steel wire rods 498 t/t, down 18.0%. Steel heavy and medium plates were 13 t/t, down 18.7%.

As for steel sheets and coils, hot-rolled steel coils were 2 t/t, down 71.4%, cold-rolled steel sheets 244 t/t, up 3.8%, galvanized steel sheets 365 t/t, down 4.9%, steel tinplates 61 t/t, down 9.0%, and electrical steel sheets 16 t/t, down 5.9%. Export quantity of tinplates and electrical sheets decreased for 2 months in a row. Alloyed steel sheets/plates were 791 t/t, down 8.8% for 3 months in a row, which dipped below 1 million tons for the past 3 months. Other than above, steel pipes/tubes were 675 t/t, down 13.2%.

By destination of China's steel export in February, as for the neighboring 3 countries/area, that to Japan was 42 t/t, down 23.6% from the previous month, to Korea 764 t/t, down 4.9% ditto, and to Taiwan 86 t/t, down 23.9% ditto.

For Southeast Asian region, that to Thailand was 185 t/t, down 38.9% ditto, and that to Malaysia was 77 t/t, down 47.6% ditto which dipped below the mark of 100 t/t for the first time in 4 months. That to the Philippines was 149 t/t, down 14.4% ditto, to Singapore 194 t/t, down 44.7% ditto, and to Indonesia 194 t/t, slightly down 2.0% ditto for 3 months in a row. That to Vietnam was 220 t/t, down 6.0% ditto.

That to Middle East was 277 t/t, down 25.5% ditto, and to the EU 310 t/t, down 64.9% ditto. That to North America was 128 t/t, down 36.3% ditto, and of these, that to the USA was 111 t/t, down 29.3% ditto. That to Africa was 299 t/t, down 16.9% ditto, to Central and South America 448 t/t, up 19.8% ditto, and to Australia 48 t/t, down 17.2% ditto.
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