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TEPCO Receives 24.87 Mil MT of LNG in FY2012
=Up 3% from the previous fiscal year, while its consumption rose by 4% to 23.71 million MT
According to Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), its LNG receipt in fiscal year 2012 increased by 3.2% to 24,867,000 MT from a year ago. Meanwhile, its consumption rose by 3.6% to 23,707,000 MT from a year earlier. As a result of nuclear power generation coming to a stop, TEPCO raised both its receipt and consumption of LNG. However, the growth turned out to be limited due to its receiving capacity.

In March, TEPCO received 2,124,000 MT, down 3.6% and consumed 2,113,000 MT, up 2.1% from a year before.
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