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Production of SS Products in February, 2013 Is 222,942 Tons
=Down by 2% from the prior month, both Cr type and Cr-Mo type of Cr-containing SS are decreased=
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced on April 15 that the production volume of stainless steel products (hot-rolled steel) in February, 2013 was 222,942 tons, which was down by 1.7% from the prior month.

The breakdown is <> Chromium type: 99,150 tons (Cr type: 86,090 tons, Cr-Mo type: 13,060 tons), down by 8.9% from the prior month, <> Nickel type: 123,792 tons (Cr-Mn type: 6,089 tons, Ni-Cr type: 94,430 tons and Ni-Cr-Mo type: 23,273 tons), up by 5.0% ditto. The production of both Cr type and Ni-Cr type of chromium-containing stainless steel products was decreased. As to nickel-containing stainless steel products, the production of Cr-Mn type (200 series) was drastically up by 73.0% from the prior month, and production of Ni-Cr-Mo type also was up by 20.7% ditto. Besides, the production of other special steels was 7,021 tons, up by 25.1% from the prior month.

For a reference, the inventory of stainless steel products as of end February is <> Stainless steel products: 126,036 tons (down by 0.9% from the prior month) and <> Other special steels: 4,219 tons (up by 53.9% ditto). The details are as per the table below.
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