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Osaka Gas' "LNG Jupiter" on Charter to UK-based BG
=Might be chartered until production starts at Gorgon LNG project
It was found that UK's energy company BG has chartered "153,000-cubic-meter LNG Jupiter" a LNG carrier owned by Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. The vessel was constructed mainly for the purpose of transporting LNG from "Gorgon LNG Project", LNG production project in Australia. Osaka Gas concluded the long-term contract to purchase LNG produced at Gorgon. As the production has not yet started at the project, Osaka Gas has chartered out the vessel to BG.

Although the details of the charter contract including the charter period are unknown, there is a chance of BG chartering the ship until the second half of 2014 when LNG production begins at Gorgon Project.

According to vessel tracking data, "LNG Jupiter" sailed into Trinidad and Tobago around early March and reached Chile in late April. It is considered that BG procured LNG from Trinidad and Tobago and shipped the cargo to Quintero LNG regasification terminal in Chile, in which BG Group has interest.

The latest information says that "LNG Jupiter" arrived at Point Fortin LNG terminal in Trinidad and Tobago around April 11th.
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