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Baosteel Left Domestic Prices of Shipbuilding Plates for June Shipment
According to information obtained by a source, Baoshan Iron & Steel (Baosteel) of China seems to have lately notified its domestic prices of steel plates for June shipment. It is known at present that prices of plates for shipbuilding were reported to have been left unchanged while those of other plates were reduced by 200 CNY ($32).

Baosteel reduced its prices of plates by 100 CNY ($16) for March shipment and by 150 CNY ($24) for April shipment and left them unchanged for May shipment. As the company reduced them by 200 CNY except prices of shipbuilding plates this time, there is the remaining $50.

The plate prices in the Asian zone are dropping mainly for general use responding to price decline of hot-rolled steel coils. Attention is paid how impact of no change in prices of its main shipbuilding plates by Baosteel will appear. Information is spreading to the effect that Baosteel concluded its contracts at an increased price for Korea for this quarter shipment, and the company is in a strong attitude to that extent.
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