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Negotiations on Shipbuilding Plates For Korea Start for Shipment of This Qtr.
Negotiations on steel plates for shipbuilding for Korea started for shipment of this quarter (April-June) when it was on the verge of the middle of May. There are even some cases for negotiations not to be concluded yet fully, and the shape that such negotiations on shipbuilding plates had led plate prices in Asia has been gone any more.

Even if it is said to be shipment of this quarter, April and May shipments are already nominal, and only June shipment is an object to be negotiated. The Korean side is asking for price reduction this time as well against the Japanese mills because of less number of ordered vessels and cheap order prices. However, the Japanese mills are in a direction to seek for price increase by $60 or so for June shipment this time. In Korea, POSCO seems to express its domestic prices to increase. Under the situation, the Japanese mills are to negotiate with the shipbuilders watching the movement of POSCO.

The plate prices have been polarized into plates for general use including for shipbuilding and those for tanks and offshore structures. For the Japanese mills, negotiations on shipbuilding plates for Korea are even made eventually in the latter half of May, and the impact of shipbuilding plates has become weak compared to the previous time.
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