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Minister of Mines of DR Congo Again Announces Export Ban on Cu And Co Ores
=Implementation is intended during July to August, which gives no big direct impact on Japan as it is now=
Mr. Martin Kabwelulu, the Mining Minister of Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) again announced last week it will implement an export ban on copper and cobalt ores (both include concentrates) during July to August.

At the end of last month, the mining minister announced a total ban on the export of unrefined copper and cobalt to be enforced in 90 days for the purpose to expand the export of domestically processed products. However, not only customers who import ores from DRC but also mining firms in this country have questioned about possibility of implementation. The background for the above is the supply of electricity in the country is short even at the moment, and it has been analyzed as being difficult to switch the export from ores to processed products.

When the mining minister gave a lecture ("Congo's mining industry policy", afternoon of May 17) in the J-SUMIT held in Tokyo this time, he made clear his strong attitude by referring to the implementation of export ban once again.

Just for reference, Japan had no import of both copper and cobalt ores in CY2012 (But, there is a record 43 tons of cobalt ore was imported in February, 2013). Hence, there won't be a big direct impact on Japan stemming from DRC's export ban.

Meanwhile, China which imports copper and cobalt ores in a large quantity from DRC will have a big adverse impact. Especially, China imported 166,000 tons of cobalt ores (including concentrates) from DRC in CY2012 which comprised 94.2% of the China's total import (177,000 tons). Although China is switching the import of cobalt from DRC to intermediate products, the dependence is still big as aforementioned.
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