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Tsurumi Sunmarine to Put 2nd Coastal LNG Carrier in Operation
=To place it into transportation service for JX Energy
Tsurumi Sunmarine Co., Ltd., a shipping company and agent in Japan, is building its second coastal LNG carrier, which is scheduled to be in operation this autumn for the purpose of carrying LNG for JX Nippon Oil and Energy Corporation. The vessel will be chartered by JX Energy, which plans to use it for LNG transportation to Hachinohe LNG Satellite Terminal in Northern Japan for the time being. In 2015, JX Energy is expected to place the vessel into transportation service to satellite terminals in Kushiro and Akita, Northern Japan.

The new vessel is a LNG carrier with cargo tanks, having capacity of 2,500 cubic meters or about 1,000 MT, which are designed as pressure tanks. This is the same type vessel as Kakurei Maru that is the first costal LNG carrier Tsurumi Sunmarine constructed in 2008.

JX Energy have transported LNG by Kakurei Maru from Sodegaura Plant on the coast of Tokyo Bay operated by Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. to Hachinohe LNG Satellite Terminal to supply natural gas to customers in the vicinity of the terminal.

On the other hand, JX Energy is building a large-sized LNG import terminal in Hachinohe, in parallel with which it is proceeding with construction of a satellite terminal in Kushiro.

On top of that, Tobu Gas Co., Ltd. will construct a satellite terminal in Akita, to which JX Energy will carry 20,000 tons per year of LNG by coastal tankers for 10 years from Hachinohe LNG import terminal.

After completion of these three terminals, JX Energy plans to launch coastal LNG shipping from Hachinohe LNG import terminal as its base to satellite terminals in Kushiro and Akita.

However, these three terminals are scheduled to go on stream around 2015. By that time, the new coastal LNG carrier will be put into LNG transportation between the Sodegaura Plant and Hachinohe LNG Satellite Terminal.
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