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China's Production of FeNi in May Is 35,500 Tons in Pure Equivalent
=Down by 4% from year-earlier month and operation rate drops to 50%=
According to the local media in China, the domestic production volume of ferro-nickel in May was 35,500 tons (in pure Ni equivalent), which was down by 3.8% from the year-earlier month and also down by 5.6% from the prior month. The operation rate among all the producers dropped to a level of 50% as of end May, and the production volume also dipped below the prior month. (Hereinafter, the weight is in pure Ni equivalent).

The production volume by type was <> High nickel products (Ni: 10% min.): 30,300 tons, <> Medium nickel products (Ni: 4 - 6%): 1,200 tons and <> Low nickel products (1.8% max.): 4,000 tons. Incidentally, nickel pig iron is handled as low nickel products of ferro-nickel.

For a reference, it is understood that although 37,600 tons was reported as China's nickel pig iron production volume in April in the article dated May 23, it seemed the local media introduced the total production volume of ferro-nickel (high, medium and low nickel products) as the production volume of nickel pig iron by mistake.
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