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Restriction to Membrane Type LNG Ships Acceptable for Hokuriku Electric
=Studying several options taking advantage of its position as a new comer
Hokuriku Electric Power Company flatly stated that there is nothing the matter with the fact that Toyama Shinko Thermal Power Station can accommodate only membrane type LNG ships for the reason that many LNG suppliers own membrane type LNG vessels. The company does not think that it will be put in a disadvantageous position just because type of LNG carriers that its thermal power station can accept is restricted. Hokuriku Electric showed confidence in its LNG procurement in the future.

At Toyama Shinko Thermal Power Station the existing coal-fired unit 1 will be replaced with a LNG-fired combined cycle power plant with output capacity of 424.7 MW. About 400,000 tons per year of LNG is to be consumed and annually six vessels, or one vessel every two months, are to be received at the plant. The thermal power station is situated at the back of Toyama Bay on the Japan Sea side of central Honshu, Japan. Even though the plant is located on the Japan Sea side, it is scarcely affected by the waves. Since sufficient space is secured in the bay, there is no problem for arrival and departure of LNG carriers. On top of that, the thermal power station has enough sites, which will enable it to additionally construct unit 2 in the future.

However, to reach the berth of the power station, LNG carriers have to pass through a bridge called Shinminato Ohashi over the entrance to the LNG terminal. The bridge is allowed only for LNG ships with an air draft of less than 45 meters. For this reason, moss type LNG vessels, which have hemispherical shaped tanks on the deck, cannot pass under the bridge. Therefore, LNG carriers that can enter Toyama Shinko LNG Terminal are limited to membrane type ships with trapezoid shaped tanks.

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