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Prices of CR Austenitic Stainless Sheets in Asia Level Off at Low Level
Negotiations on cold-rolled (CR) stainless steel sheets in the East Asian region have been carried forward for August/September shipment, and Korea's POSCO, Taiwan's YUSCO and so on seem to have been proceeding with negotiations at $2,300 to 2,350 to SUS304. The Japanese mills are offering at $2,500 to 2,600 CFR.

If the Japanese mills' prices of CR austenitic stainless sheets are higher by $150 and over than those of Korea and Taiwan, it is said to be very difficult for contracts to be concluded. At present, such difference becomes more than that but the Japanese mills are in a state to proceed with negotiations with customers that will accept the range of the mills'offer prices. Most of the customers are Japanese companies or customers with a long-term relationship, and there are no customers on spot basis. It is because most of the mills have shelved negotiations on stainless sheets for general use to SUS304. The mills are seeking their ways in the fields of higher quality products like high nickel or duplex stainless steel products.

The Japanese mills had been highly responsive to the stainless steel market in China in the past but are not very sensitive on that at present for the above reason. In the backdrop, there are the facts that they do not maintain the production system forcedly relying on export as a result that they have been promoting the streamlining, and their extent of order receipt is expanded by correction of the superstrong yen.

The world of SUS304 is sluggish in the Asian region but in the European region, although the European mills' August prices are not certain, the current price level is 2,100 to 2,200 EUR ($2,730 to 2,860) CFR which is higher than that in Asia. Although it breaks up for the summer, as each customer's inventory has run low, product prices are likely to rise if the nickel price goes up. In the USA, the price level is seen to be $2,650 to 2,700 CFR. As the June/July prices in the European and US regions were set at the point when the nickel price was $6.50 per pound, slight rise in prices are expected for August/September shipment due to adjustment of the surcharge.
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