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Aug SUS Scrap Price Shows Perception Gap Between SUS Mills and Scrap Dealers
=SUS mills wait and see, and scrap dealers estimate price hike to be JPY5,000=
There has been a perception gap about the price of nickel-containing stainless steel scrap (SABOT) meant for domestic consumption in August 2013 generated between stainless steel mills and scrap dealers.

Now, in the Kyushu district, some of scrap dealers have started collection at JPY135,000 per ton (delivered at yard) which is up by JPY5,000 from the beginning of the month. This is because the scrap dealers which mainly export have raised the purchase price in order to secure spot goods. Also, this is partly because LME nickel price is going to rise.

On the other hand, as respective stainless steel mills have a production curtailment in the summer season, they are not positive in buying stainless steel scrap and taking a wait-and-see attitude because there is no tight feeling in the demand and supply situation in the domestic market.

The current export price of SABOT is <> For Korea: US$1,370 - US$1,380 per ton CIF, <> For China: US$1,350 ditto and <> For Taiwan: US$1,280 - US$1,300 ditto, and the exporters which think it difficult to collect cargoes at the existing price level of JPY130,000 per ton have moved to raise the purchase price. However, as aforementioned, Japan's stainless steel mills' desire to buy remains at a low level and there is only a little possibility remaining for the sales price hike for domestic consumption to be accepted.
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