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Germany's Iron Ore Imports in Jan-Mar 2013
= Total iron ore imports at 10.98Mt, up 14% =
According to Germany's iron ore imports for Jan-Mar 2013 announced by Eurostat, the country imported 7.835 million tonnes of non-agglomerated iron ore (lump and fines), up 8.0% from the same period the previous year and 3.147 million tonnes of agglomerated iron ore (pellets, briquette, etc.), up 31.3%, same. In total, the country imported 10.982 million tonnes of iron ore, up 13.8% from 9.651 million tonnes for the same period the previous year. According to crude steel production (preliminary) for Jan-Jun 2013 announced by World Steel Association (WSA) this month, Germany produced 21.72 million tonnes, down 0.9% from the same period the previous year.
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