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Result of Demand & Supply for Ferro-chrome in Apr-Jun 2013
=Decrease in consumption of high-carbon products continues due to production curtailment of stainless steels=
The result of demand and supply for ferro-chrome was compiled for the period from April to June in 2013. According to this, the consumption of ferro-chrome in this period was <> High Carbon Products: 162,665 tons (down by 4.6% from the year-earlier period) and <> Low Carbon Products: 11,856 tons (down by 4.1% ditto).

The production volume of special crude steel related to the consumption of ferro-chrome in the period from April to June in 2013 was 6.2284 million tons, down by 3.1% from the year-earlier period and the production volume of stainless steel products greatly related to the consumption of high carbon products was 712,100 tons, down by 2.4% ditto. The production curtailment of these special steel products (including stainless steel products) caused a decrease in consumption of ferro-chrome, and the production volume in the period from April to June this year represented a decrease versus the year-earlier period as is the case in the period from January to March.

Decreased actual consumption of ferro-chrome has affected the import which makes up a substantial portion of supply, and the import result of high-carbon products in the period from April to June in 2013 was 171,904 tons, down by 5.0% from the year-earlier period. On the other hand, the import result of low-carbon products was 13,016 tons, up by 13.1% ditto. This is because the consumption of low-carbon products increased from the prior period (January - March), whereas the domestic production decreased.
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