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China's Production of HC FeCr in Sept. Expected to Be 331,000 Tons
=Up by 1% from prior month, and consumption of chrome ore is calculated to be about 861,000 tons=
According to the local media in China, the domestic production volume of high-carbon ferro-chrome in September is expected to be around 331,000 tons. This will be up by 1.2% from 327,000 tons of the prior month.

The producer's operating rate in September was relatively firm, and a lot of movements were seen in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region that the producers having a large-scale electric furnace will restart operation, which led to the increase in domestic production volume. The operating rate and production volume by major production area are as per the table below.

In China, the consumption of chrome ore per ton of high-carbon ferro-chrome is said to be 2.6 tons, which is calculated to be about 861,000 tons in terms of the consumption of chrome ore in September.
data image
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