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Regulation on Operation of Ferroalloy Plant in Feng Zhen City, China
==Most of plants in city are shut down by order of Department of Environmental Protection=
The Department of Environmental Protection in Feng Zhen city in Inner Mongolia, China has implemented the regulation on the operation of ferroalloy plants in the city since November 16 for the purpose to protect environment. There are lots of producers of ferro-nickel (including nickel pig iron), ferro-chrome and silico manganese in this city, and most of them shut down a plant even at the moment.

Feng Zhen shi is located in about 290 km west-northwest of Beijing, and the purpose of the city authority seems to reduce air pollution in Beijing. The environmental standard newly set up this time is more severe than before, and all of production facilities which do not satisfy the standard have suspended operation.

Although there is a growing concern over the future supply shortage in the markets for ferro-nickel and ferro-chrome in China, it is forecast that there won't be a big impact to the market for silico manganese because this city is not a main producing area for silico manganese and some producers have been allowed to operate a plant.

Albeit there is no limit to the period of this time's suspension of operation, some market watchers think the operation can be resumed in a short time like a week or so. On the other hand, many of producers are worried about expansion of this movement to Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the regions adjoining the City of Beijing.
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