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China's FeNi Production in CY2013 Anticipated to Be around 6.6 Mil. Tons
=Up by more than 29% from prior year due to prevalence of RKEF equipment =
China's production of ferro-nickel in CY 2013 is anticipated to be around 6.6 million tons (material quantity). This is up by more than 29% from the prior year, and one of the reasons for the above is the prevalence of the equipment of rotary kiln electric furnace (RKEF) which makes a low production cost possible.

China's production of ferro-nickel were 4 million tons in CY2011, 5.102 million tons in CY2012 and 2.886 million tons in the former half (January - June) of 2013. Although the production volume in the former half was grossly up from the year-earlier period, it was a low production volume in light of China's production capacity. This arose from the anticipation of a low price being in the market due to the declining trend in the nickel price and the producers' operational rates being lowered.

However, the domestic production turned upward after July, and the accumulated sum from January to October has already surpassed the result in CY2012. According to the guesswork based on the monthly average production volume from July to October (about 622,000 tons), the production volume in CY2013 is anticipated to be around 6.6 million tons.

For a reference, China's production of ferro-nickel mostly uses low-grade nickel ore imported from Indonesia and Philippines, and just in case Indonesia bans the export of ore from 2014, the fear has been voiced the domestic production volume will be reduced drastically.
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