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Import of SUS Products in October 2013 Is 18,052 Tons
=Grossly up by 32% from prior month, and recovers from depression in September=
The import quantity of stainless steel products in October 2013 which was compiled by The Japan Iron and Steel Federation based on the trade statistics prepared by the Ministry of Finance was 18,052 tons, grossly up by 32.4% from 13,637 tons of the prior month.

The import quantity by main country as compared with the prior month was <> South Korea: up by 41.0%, <> Taiwan: up by 16.6% and <> China: up by 18.0%, which shows the import from every one of main countries increased and recovered from depression in September.

The monthly average import unit price was US$2,975.07 per ton, down by 4.6% from the prior month.

For a reference, the import result of special steel products other than stainless steel products in October was 50,323 tons (up by 53.6% from the prior month), and the import result of special steel products including the above import result of stainless steel products amounted to 68,374 tons (up by 47.3% ditto).
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