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Strong Unclear Outlook for Price of Chinese Ferro-nickel
=It's difficult to forecast about Indonesia's export ban on ores=
Although there is some indication the price of ferro-nickel in the Chinese market will go up, the unclear outlook for the future price is strong.

The instruction to stop operation which was firstly issued to the ferroalloy industry in Fengzhen City in Inner Mongolia last month seems to have been issued also to Zhuozi County and Xinghe County (both are located in Ulangab City), but as the production in the other areas is thought to increase to make up the gap if the supply really becomes tight, the impact to the domestic market is smaller than expected.

Furthermore, with regard to Indonesia's export ban on ores (including concentrates) scheduled to be implemented from 12 January 2014, just in case this is implemented, it is forecast that the import of low-grade nickel ore China imports in a large quantity will be reduced almost to half, and the demand for ferro-nickel will increase due to big reduction in production of nickel pig iron. However, as to the policy for export ban being right or wrong, the opinions have still been split in Indonesia, and the implementation is yet to be decided.

Such being the case, the producers which believe the anticipation of high prices is likely are taking a careful attitude, and the situation does not allow them to submit an offer in a positive way.
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