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China to Impose 1% Import Duty on Ni Unwrought from Next Year
=Finance Department announces list of 2014 import & export duty rates=
At the end of last week, the Finance Department of the Government of China announced a list of import & export duty rates to be applied from 1 January 2014. There is no alteration in both import & export of ferroalloys, but as to the import, among nickel unwrought, the provisional duty rates on both (1) the item with Ni >= 99.99% and Co<0.005% (HS code: 75021010) and (2) Other nickel which is not ferroalloy (HS code: 75021090) have been raised to 1% from 0%. For a reference, there is no alteration in nickel scrap (HS code: 75030000) whose provisional duty rate remains at 1% as used to be.

Meanwhile, as to the export, the provisional duty rate on indium unwrought, powder and scrap (HS code: 81129230) has been lowered to 2% from 5%.
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