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China's Production of Mo Concentrates in CY2013 Is 276,600 Tons
=Down by 0.2% from prior year by pressure from increase in ore import=
According to the announcement made by National Bureau of Statistics of China, China's production volume of molybdenum in the calendar year 2013 was 276,605 tons (in pure Mo equivalent), down by 0.2% from 277,122 tons of the prior year.

The production volume in China has shown the upward trend for these few years, but turned to the downward trend partly because the international price of molybdenum dropped in 2013. By contraries, the ore import volume increased, which in turn put pressure on the domestic production of molybdenum concentrates.

As to the production volume by region, the production at Henan as the largest producing region has remained unchanged since 2011, whereas the production volumes at Liaoning and Heilongjiang have decreased.

For a reference, China's export volume of molybdenum concentrates (roasted and not roasted) in 2013 was down by about 44% from the prior year. Besides, the volume of primary raw materials (roasted and not roasted concentrates and ferro-molybdenum) in the export quota for 2014 is down by 72% from the prior year, and the production volume is likely to grow at a sluggish pace again this year.
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