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Production of Stainless Crude Steel in Europe in CY2013 About 7.15 Mil. Tons
=Down by 4% from prior year, and demand in 2014 is anticipated to be up by 3 - 4%=
The production volume of stainless crude steel in Europe in the calendar year 2013 (January - December) was about 7.15 million tons, down by 4.0% from 7.45 million tons of the prior year. As is the case in the period from January to September, the production increased in Slovenia, whereas the production decreased in Germany and Sweden which affected much.

Because of that, the inventory level in the market as of the end of December 2013 was at a low level on the whole including cold-rolled sheet.

Meanwhile, the outlook for 2014 is optimistic, and the demand for stainless steel in Europe is expected to be up by 3 - 4% from the prior year. In the current period from January to March, with a background of customers' energetic demand to increase the inventory, the production outlook made by 4 main stainless steel mills is in good form like being up by about 10% from the year-earlier period.
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