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Market Trend of Import of Ferroalloy as of 28 March 2014
= Price of Mn metal continues to decline, and prices of Si metal and SiMn go up =
The market trend of import of ferroalloy as of 28 March 2014 is as follows.

<> Silicon Metal = In China, the price continues to be at a high level, and the price as of the end of March rose by CNY200 - CNY300 from the end of last month. However, as the southern region goes in the high-water season from April when the cheap electricity rate will be available, there are strong expectations that the price of silicon metal will drop back. As to export, many of producers have raised offer prices taking this as the last chance before the price dropping back. Some of market watchers see the increase in consumption of silicon metal arising from operation of new plolysilicon plants in South Korea is a factor for price hike, but it is a remote possibility that this will directly link to shortage of supply as 5.5.3. grade is meant for aluminium secondary alloy.

Although the trading in Japan continues to be thin, the price has gone up by about US$40 compared with the middle of the month and the contract price has come to around US$2,100 per ton.

<> Ferro-silicon = In China, the production adjustment has started and the medium and small-sized producers whose production cost is high as well as major producers have curtailed production slightly. Due to the atmosphere to improve the oversupply, the prices for domestic consumption as well as international export ceased to drop and remained unchanged from mid-March.

In Japan, the price of cheap products of Chinese origin via the third country became cheaper than mid-March. This is because, as well as the time when the purchase took place in China being in the downward trend, the export trade firms are in a hurry for selling due to the sharp increase in the inventory in Vietnam.

Russian products became cheaper than mid-March. Previously, when the price of Chinese products dropped, the Russian products maintained a high-level price, but now it is understood the price downward revision took place.

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