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Movements of Container, Dry Cargoes Surveyed by JMC
= The North American line has momentum to break a new record reflected by the US economic recovery =
According to container cargo movements of main regular lines surveyed by the Japan Maritime Center (JMC), cargoes of the outward voyage (from Asia to the USA) of the North American line in March was 1,051 thousand TEU, up 20.5% from the same month last year which was the second highest in March following March 2007. As a consequent, its cumulative units in January-March were 3,322 thousand TEU, up 4.8% from the same period last year which showed momentum to set a new record. Against the backdrop, there is the economic recovery in the USA.

Seeing the US economic indicators, i) its GDP in the 1st quarter (January-March) increased by 0.2% nearly with no fluctuations, ii) on consumer spending, its retail sales in March increased by 1.1% from the previous month (revised increase rate 0.7% in February) for 2 quarters in a row, iii) the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) decided to maintain virtual zero-interest rates annually within 0-0.25% of the federal funds (FF) target rate in the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) held on April 30-May 1, iv) its non-agricultural employment in April increased by 288 thousand jobs from the previous month, v) prices of crude oil and gasoline had fallen below $100 per barrel since October 21, 2013 and continued the downward trend but have turned to an upward trend from January 2014, and vi) the US housing starts in March (at a seasonally adjusted annualized rate) increased by 2.8% from the previous month to 946 thousand houses, and of these the housing starts of detached houses (ditto) increased by 6.0% ditto to 635 thousand ones while the number of approved housing constructions (ditto) being identified as a leading indicator in March was 990 thousand houses, down 2.4% ditto, and so on.

The outward voyage cargoes of the North American line were 145 thousand TEU of furniture and household goods (down 3.5% from the same month last year), 99 thousand TEU of fibers and textile (down 10.4% ditto), 84 thousand TEU of general electric home appliances (up 14.2% ditto), 52 thousand TEU of automotive parts (up 17.7% ditto), 38 thousand TEU of plastic products like flooring and blinds (down 4.4% ditto) and so on. The European line is also expected to recover gradually with revival of labor markets, picking up in consumption and investment increases.

Meantime, movements of container and dry cargoes are as below.
data image
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