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Negotiations on Tinplates, Loam Plates for SE Asia
= The Japanese mills are facing an uphill battle for shipment of this quarter
In negotiations on steel tinplates and loam plates (tin mill black plates) for Southeast Asia, the Japanese mills have a tough time for shipment of this quarter (July-September). Although the Japanese mills are offering their prices to raise $20 or so, there will be very little possibility for such increase in price to be accepted.

Inquired quantity of tinplates from the SE Asian region seems to be few for this quarter shipment. Against the backdrop, there are the facts that production of canned pineapples is falling due to less yield amount of pineapples than usual and production of canned tuna is not active due to less fish catches than usual caused by the El Nino effect.

Baoshan Iron & Steel of China left unchanged its domestic prices of tinplates, being the benchmark of tinplate and loam plate prices, for August shipment following July but the company is said to be adopting a discount system against customers which place an order within a time limit. If so, it is identical to a virtual decrease in price. The range of discount is said to be 150 CNY ($24). As such system is said to have been applied to July shipment as well, the company is to have reduced its prices by $44 in 2 months.

Customers in SE Asian region are insisting that they are difficult to accept a price increase of tinplates by the Japanese mills as the Chinese mill is virtually cutting its prices of tinplates. And also, as far as they do not accept a price increase of tinplates, they are saying to be unable to accept a price increase of material loam plates.

The Japanese mills intend to leave their prices unchanged from those in the previous quarter even if it takes time expecting new demand from the beginning of autumn when it enters August or September.
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