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Inquiries of SUS316 Products Trend Upward from China
As the Chinese Government has embarked on environmental pollution control measures against PM2.5 and so on, inquiries for Japanese cold-rolled (CR) stainless steel sheets to SUS316 are increasing. Thermal power stations and various factories begin to introduce a dust collector, while as in case of Japanese manufacturers of dust collectors, use of Japanese SUS316 products is specified at a stage of designing, inquiries of stainless sheets to SUS316 are increasing for the Japanese stainless sheet mills with an increase in demand for a dust collector. Although there are also stainless sheet mills to be able to produce SUS316 products in China, they still have a qualitative issue, so it is the current situation that Japanese manufacturers of dust collectors in China specify Japanese products.

Depending on a size of a dust collector, around 100 tons of stainless sheets to SUS316 are used per one unit. So, inquiries are readily led to 1,000 ton lots. The Japanese mills of austenitic stainless steel sheets have held out their prices of SUS304 products at more than $3,000 CFR at present. As in the markets of Korea, Taiwan and so on, prices are falling to around $2,850 CFR, the Japanese mills are tough to get orders. Although they are in a position to be severe pricewise, more than that, they are facing an environment for each country to be in a war to file an antidumping (AD) case on CR stainless sheets. In order to avoid to be involved in an AD case, they are cautious about selling SUS304 products more than ever.

On that regard, there is still quite a gap in capability to produce SUS316 products among stainless steel mills of each country, and it is the item for Japan to be able to export without caring about an AD issue. For this reason, the Japanese austenitic stainless sheet mills focus on export of products to SUS316 and to their proper grades.
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