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Negotiations on Loam Plates for Asia Might Wage Long Battle for This Qtr
Negotiations on steel loam plates (tin mill black plates) mainly for Southeast Asia are showing an aspect to take a considerably long time to conclude contracts. It is because customers are requesting for a substantial decrease in price against the Japanese mills.

Against the backdrop that customers of loam plates are requesting for a decrease in price, there is the fact that Chinese products are flowing to the Southeast Asian region and the domestic prices of steel tinplates in that country, especially those of Baoshan Iron & Steel (Baosteel) for the domestic market cannot be ignored. Baosteel left unchanged its domestic prices of tinplates for July and August in this quarter but customers are insisting that the company virtually lowered its prices (about $40 in 2 months) of loam plates by using a discount system. It also seems to be one of factors that there were the cases for contracts on tinplates for Southeast Asia to have been concluded at a slight decrease in price ($5 or so) for this quarter shipment.

Tinplate mills in Southeast Asia to use Japanese loam plates are appealing to be necessary for a price decrease of Japanese loam plates in order to counter Chinese tinplates. Prices of loam plates were slightly raised ($10 or so) for shipment of April-June while their request for a decrease in price is more than that.

Baosteel is expected to set out its domestic prices of tinplates for September shipment as early as in the 1st half of this week. On this occasion, if the company leaves its prices unchanged and withdraws its discount system, customers' complain against the Japanese mills is expected to be relieved even slightly.
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