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Production of Stainless Steel Products in July 2014 Is 258,672 Tons
= Up by 1% from prior month, and increased production of Ni-type pushes up =
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced the production volume of stainless steel products (hot-rolled products) in July 2014 was 258,672 tons, which represented an increase of 1.4% versus the prior month and an increase of 8.0% versus the year-earlier month.

The breakdown was <> Chrome-type: 118,979 tons (Cr-type: 97,287 tons and Cr-Mo-type: 21,692 tons), down by 1.1% from the prior month and <> Nickel-type: 139,693 tons (Cr-Mn-type: 3,290 tons, Ni-Cr-type: 110,056 tons and Ni-Cr-Mo-type: 26,347 tons), up by 3.6% ditto, and although the production of Cr-type and Cr-Mn-type was down from the prior month, the increased production of Cr-Mo-type, Ni-Cr-type and Ni-Cr-Mo-type led to the total production being up from the prior month.

On the other hand, the production volume of other special steels was 11,103 tons, which represented a drastic increase of 32.7% versus the prior month.

The stainless steel mill's inventory as of the end of July was <> Stainless steel products: 120,118 tons (down by 4.0% from the prior month) and <> Other special steels: 3,473 tons (up by 27.9% ditto). In spite of the production of stainless steel products in July being up, the inventory level was down. Both production and inventory level of other special steels were up. The details are as per the table below.
data image
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