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Strike Staged in LKAB's Iron Ore Transportation in Norway
=Cannot accept that the decision on manning to be included in the salary=
The Swedish state-own iron ore mining company LKAB disclosed on November 27th that negotiations towards a new agreement between LKAB Malmtrafik AS and the National Union of Norwegian Locomotive men have not been settled and that transport of iron ore came to a stop in early part of the day. LKAB is planning to continue locomotive operations in Narvik. However, it cannot accept that the decision on manning be included in the salary agreement. As a result, 30 locomotive drivers staged a strike and half of LKAB's ore trains have been cancelled. It is said that the strike might be prolonged depending on the situation, while LKAB's deliveries will not be affected in a short period.

LKAB conducts mining activities in Kiruna, Malmberget and Svappavaara in northern Sweden and most iron ore cargoes produced in the areas are shipped by rail to Narvik in Norway.
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