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Mount Gibson Lays Off Workers Following Event on Koolan Is.
On the suspension of operations caused by a slumped seawall and a flooded pit on Koolan Island in Western Australia, Mount Gibson has undertaken comprehensive evaluation of the situation including detailed engineering and technical assessments.

After the incident on 25th last month, the company decided to stand down on-site workers as it will take time to repair the seawall and to drain the pit (2 kms long). While, its operations will be in a state to have been suspended until the detailed survey report is released or the commencement of security trading on 5th this month.

Koolan Island is an island located off the Kimberley coast in the northern Western Australia, and the company sold iron ore of 3.7 million tons in its fiscal year ended June 2014 (July 2013-June 2014).
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