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Gazprom and Botas Sign MoU on Pipeline Construction to Turkey
= With a capacity of 63 billion m3 through offshore pipeline across the Black Sea =
Gazprom (Russia) and Botas Petroleum Pipeline Corporation (Turkey) signed in Ankara a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on offshore pipeline construction for Russian natural gas transportation across the Black Sea to Turkey. The capacity of the new pipeline is 63 billion m3, of which 14 billion m3 will be for consumption within Turkey and the balance, 50 billion m3 will for delivery up to Turkey/Greece border.

Turkey is currently Gazprom's second largest sales market behind Germany. In 2013, Gazprom supplied 26.7 billion m3 of natural gas to Turkey through Blue Stream and Trans-Balkan Gas pipeline.

Gazprom is said to have abandoned, according to several news sources, the South Stream Pipeline, a new pipeline project through the Black Sea to Bulgaria for further delivery of Russian natural gas to Europe reportedly due to EU's opposition.
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