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Ferro-silicon of Malaysian Origin Arrives in Japan
= First shipment to Japan, and consignee is JFE Shoji =
Ferro-silicon JFE Shoji Trade Corporation purchased from OM Sarawak Ferroalloy project in Malaysia was discharged at Mitsui Wharf on December 3. In 2 months or more after the first tapping was made on September 22, the products sellable in the market at last arrived in Japan.

The size of ferro-silicon unloaded from the bulk container at the warehouse of Mitsui Wharf Co., Ltd. (Kawasaki-City, Kanagawa- Pref.) is uniformly sized by 10 - 50 mm, and the quality is 72% - 74% as Si which is not a level of JIS No.2 Standard (75% - 80%), but adequately clears factors other than silicon for JIS No.2 Standard as per the inspection at the time of shipping from the plant.

While the initial firing into a new electric furnace is going on smoothly at OM Sarawak, the electric furnace which is already in operation has been improving the stability of operation, and the shipment of products with Si being 75% also seems to be near at hand.

JFE Shoji has an exclusive sales right to Japan except some blast furnace mills, and is proceeding with sales to respective users from now.
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