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NLMK Invests in Systems of Water Recirculation, Railway
= To improve the efficiency and reduce costs
Novolipetsk Steel (NLMK) of a Russian leading steel company has worked on the improvement of its production efficiency and the reduction of costs investing in the row material handling facility and the logistics.

The company has undertaken the construction of the thickened unit, water circulation and tailings transportation system at its iron ore mining subsidiary Stoilensky in order to upgrade the water recirculation system. This will reduce an environmental impact and improve the efficiency of its production infrastructure.

It is to switch its handling, transporting and storing waste ore after beneficiation to a more efficient way of it, and the new technology makes it possible to extract liquid from tailings and to transport thickened waste ore. The industrial water of 80% used in transportation is recycled and returned to the beneficiation process. With this, electricity consumption at the tailings department will be reduced by 9%. The construction is scheduled to be completed in 2018, and the company has a plan to invest RUB 3.1 billion in the project divided into 2 stages.

And also, NLMK revealed to have invested RUB 350 million in automating its railway transport management system. The company will streamline its logistic infrastructure for its next generation No. 7 blast furnace (launched in 2011). According to the company, it invested approximately RUB 4 billion in total over 5 years in maintaining and developing its transport system including the construction of a logistic infrastructure.

The Novolipetsk railway system includes over 485 km railway, 18 stations, 123 locomotives and 1,875 wagons. It transports 31.5 million tons a year by railway and also 14 million tons of steel products to its users.
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